25 Years of VR Shopping Research – And Now, 4D Shopper Plus and 4D Shopper TrueVR!

We introduced 4D Shopper TrueVR at IIeX NA on June 12 – bringing true virtual reality and photo-real shopping environments to marketing research! Check out the video on our DEMO page.

4D Shopper Plus from Advanced Simulations adds a new level of reality to virtual reality for marketing research! We digitize the entire store, then take shoppers through a virtually real environment to go shopping.

Advanced Simulations produces the leading virtual reality simulation of stores and store sections. This research service makes it easy to understand the impact of in-store marketing, merchandising and retailing.

Shoppers interact with your brands in a virtual reality environment, using 3-Dimensional sets and 3-Dimensional products – we measure how marketing and merchandising changes their purchase behavior.

We use 4D Shopper and 4D Shopper Plus to measure the impact of:

Advanced Simulations’ research and category management tools have been leading the industry for over 20 years. We can create any shelf set in any environment, coupled with research design and analytical expertise. This gives you the best possible answers to your in-store marketing research questions. Tests run quickly and are more affordable than you may think.