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ASLlogo300Advanced Simulations, LLC. has been conducting virtual reality based marketing research since 1993, originally as Simulation Research. The principals have been together since 1993 and are responsible for introducing VR to the research community. Based in Atlanta, ASL has conducted over 400 separate studies of in-store marketing and merchandising initiatives in over 20 countries.

You can reach ASL at +1-404-944-0248 or by emailing us at moc.s1519033947noita1519033947lumis1519033947decna1519033947vda@l1519033947iame1519033947 .

needel smallDr. Stephen Needel is Managing Partner of Advanced Simulation. He formed, and now manages an international company responsible for bringing virtual reality simulations to bear on retailing, marketing, and consumption issues from a research perspective. Prior to ASL, and it’s predecessors, Dr. Needel  held the position of Vice President for Product Development at A.C. Nielsen, where he developed new techniques for integrating and analyzing retail scanner data and household purchasing data. He has also been a Vice President of Analytical Services at Nielsen after coming from their competitor, Information Resources, where he led a team doing advanced analytical research from IRI’s BehaviorScan market testing system. Earlier jobs included analytical roles at Burke Marketing Research and Quaker Oats and as a Lecturer at the University of Connecticut (in Psychology and Statistics). Originally a native of the Boston, Dr. Needel came to the business community with a B. A. in Psychology from The American University and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Connecticut. His international experience dovetails nicely with his appreciation of English beers, South American beef, Australian football, and Mexican chiles. He hopes to pass on these fondnesses to his two sons.

Bio Photo-Kirby 2013Kirby Donnelly is a Managing Partner of Advanced Simulations where in 1993, along with business partner Dr. Stephen Needel, he formed and now manages a worldwide virtual reality marketing research company whose goal has been to bring virtual reality technology to the marketing research world. Before ASL, Mr. Donnelly was Director of Project Development for GTE-RIS where we developed retail-based technology designed to integrate multiple operating systems and software platforms to the retail environment. Prior to ASL and GTE-RIS Kirby was COO of a circuit board manufacturing company and held management positions in procurement and manufacturing for the world’s leader in plasma-cutting equipment. A graduate of St. Michael’s College with degrees in business, finance, and political science, Kirby has always enjoyed bringing new ideas and concepts to the marketplace. A love of sports, competition and giving back to the community has been fulfilled by spending over 30 years as a volunteer coach in multiple sports. These endeavors have led to Kirby meeting his wife Nancy and maintaining close ties with his two children, Ryan and Tara who share his passion for sports.

TylerTyler Donnelly is the Director of Graphics Design and Development for Advanced Simulations. Joining ASL over 10 years ago from a retail and arts background Tyler is responsible for creating and developing the visual design aspects for all virtual reality projects at ASL. Pulling from his fine arts background Tyler strives to bring our clients a clean and realistic approach to their VR marketing needs. Creating the VR environments, 3-D models, products, signage and marketing materials that populate 4D Shopper research environments.  Certified in several graphic design programs Tyler is continually growing his artistic presence.