4D Shopper is a quick, confidential, controlled, cost-efficient tool for testing the impact of in-store, on-shelf, category management and shopper marketing activities.

We use 4D Shopper to understand the effects of:

  • PRICING: Understand price elasticity, cross-elasticity, relative pricing, and the sales effects of price increases and decreases.
  • PROMOTIONS: Test the ability of promotions to draw attention and increase sales. We do on-packs, on-shelf, in-aisle, and end-aisle promotion testing. We can also test signage and point-of-purchase material.
  • PACKAGING: Test packaging for new products or changes to existing products. Understand whether your package is popping off the shelf and whether it sells.
  • CATEGORY MANAGEMENT: Uniquely suited to testing assortment and shelf layout changes, as well as product, segment, and category adjacency.
  • NEW PRODUCTS: Concept screening, forecasting, source of volume, and category impact measurement. TURF analysis for line extensions.
  • SUBSTITUTION BEHAVIOR/MARKET STRUCTURE: Determine substitution patterns from the product’s perspective, not the household’s perspective. Create inputs suitable for mapping consumer-generated market structures and purchase decision hierarchies.