Category Management Research

Testing category management and shopper marketing initiatives is one of the more difficult tasks in marketing research:

  • Research costs for in-store tests are very expensive
  • You need to test for a long period of time
  • The risk of a “public” failure looms large

puzzlepiece4D Shopper reduces the time, the cost, and the exposure, letting you confidently study what your initiative does to category and brand sales. In a virtual shopping environment, only you know what the impact of your changes does to sales when you:

  • Optimize/rationalize SKU assortments
  • Change shelf layouts
  • Test different brand, segment, and category adjacencies

Why is it so important to test category management and shopper marketing initiatives? In our experience (over 300 studies), it’s rare to get a win-win for both your brand and your category:


Test before you go the retailer with a recommendation!

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