New Product Research

New products are considered to be the lifeblood of consumer packaged goods companies. When you’re introducing a new product, you have a number of questions to answer:NEW_PRODUCT

  • How will the new product perform?
  • Will my buyers buy one line item? Multiple items? Are there combinations I can leverage?
  • How much should I charge for the new product?
  • Is the packaging I’ve developed helping or hurting?
  • Where should I put the new product? Next to which brands? In which section of the store? Is it worth it to get multiple locations?



4D Shopper puts your new product on the shelf just as you would like it to appear in the store, letting you see how it looks and how it sells. It’s easy to test variations on your new product launch:

  • In a natural context
  • Within a secure, confidential research environment
  • With a system that easily allows variations in pricing, packaging, and stocking locations
  • With the ability to show advertising before the consumers go shopping
  • With the ability to provide cannibalization estimates
  • With the ability to provide Year 1 Sales forecasts

Optimize your new product introduction before you roll-out!

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