New Product Case Study

Our client was moving a new product from prescription to over-the-counter. The problem was that there was no natural location in the store for this product. It made sense to place it in each of three different categories. The purpose of the test was to see which category generated the most product triers.

Shoppers first saw a portfolio of new product advertisements, including one for the test product. While this biases the trial numbers, it does so equally across the three cells. They then were exposed to each of the three shelf sets, but with the new product available in only one of the sets.

The results show that putting it in Category “C” generated significantly fewer viewers – shoppers who picked up and looked at the product. Category “A” placement produced significantly more buyers than when it was in Category “B” or “C”. This is where the client urged retailers to put the product during their sales presentation, and most retailers have complied.

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