Packaging Research

Your package is the point of contact between you and your consumer. Is your packaging doing all it can do?
4D Shopper is uniquely designed to determine whether:packages

  • Shoppers can find your package
  • Alternative package designs get you more sales
  • Changing package graphics helps you sell more product
  • Your current buyers or your prospective buyers are responding to packaging changes

4D Shopper can work with all types of packaging graphics, from early artwork to finished products. The simulated shopping approach lets you:

  • Test your new packaging in a realistic, competitive environment
  • Go beyond attribute ratings and see what your package does for your sales
  • Avoid the cost of producing mock-ups – we can work with graphics files in most cases

As we’ve often shown – the insights you get from shopping behavior can be very different from how shoppers rate a package on a series of attributes:


We see sales differences in about half of the studies we’ve conducted.




Attribute ratings are not always consistent with shopping behavior – you’d make a different decision if you only showed people a package and asked them to evaluate it!

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Make sure your packaging is working for you!

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