Pricing Research

How you price your product is critical to its success. 4D Shopper is designed to give you answers to your pricing questions:

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  • Is my brand price elastic or inelastic?
  • Am I leaving money on the table by not pricing my product high enough?
  • Am I losing sales because my brand is priced to high?
  • Are my prices being compared to other products? Which ones?

With 4D Shopper  you can:

  • Test your prices in a realistic, competitive setting
  • Test your prices unobtrusively – no need to ask consumers questions about the prices
  • Manipulate your competitors’ prices as well as your own prices – understand potential competitive reactions to your price changes (or your brand’s reaction to their price changes)

Optimize your prices – optimize your profits!

To see a case study on pricing click here.

To learn more about how 4D Shopper works, click here.

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