Promotion Research

In-store promotions can cost you a lot and it is often hard to define their true value:Bogo2

  • Are you bringing in new buyers to your business with a promotion or are you only rewarding your current users?
  • What is your promotion doing – generating more buyers or getting buyers to buy more? Or both?
  • Are you mortgaging future sales with a promotion today?




4D Shopper is designed to test in-store, in-aisle, end-aisle, on-shelf, and on-pack promotions without having to actually execute the promotion, determining:

  • Who buys your product on promotion?
  • Would they buy it without it being on promotion?
  • Is one promotion better than another?
  • Do some products respond better to promotion than others?
  • Whether one style of promotion better than another (e.g. is a BOGO better than “Half Off”)?

Test your promotions before you execute them!

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