How 4D Shopper works

4D Shopper begins by building a section of a store from the bottom up:

  • We purchase the products in a section
  • We take 3D images of all products (never 2D!)
  • We create the shelf sets based on your planogram ¬†or description
  • We recruit shoppers to your specifications, either through mall-intercept or online
  • We usually ask shoppers to go on multiple shopping trips

— We set the time frame for them (“your next regular shopping trip”)

— We set their need state (“you are out of all the products you will see”)

— We vary what they see on each trip in a balanced incomplete block design, randomizing and rotating the test cells they see

  • After shoppers are finished shopping, you can ask them any type of diagnostic question you’d like

4D Shopper Plus:

The 4D Shopper Plus system adds photo-real environments to the simulation. If we don’t have the environment you want:

  • We will work together to get permission to image a store
  • We replace the photos of your category or categories with “live” products

Key Benefits of VR:

  • Virtual Reality systems are engaging and realistic for the shoppers – we think this gives us better data
  • We’ve refined our factory over the more than 20 years we’ve been doing this. VR tests are quick to execute (weeks, not months)
  • The study is confidential – no need to go out into the world and work with real stores where your competitors can see what you are doing
  • VR studies are faster and cheaper than in-market tests