Papers We’ve Written

In addition to our blogs, we’ve written a number of papers you may find useful or interesting:

Papers and Presentations

“Path to Purchase: Yellow Brick Road or Highway to Hell”. ESOMAR Congress, Dublin, September 2015.
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“Why Big Data is a Small Deal… and Why You Shouldn’t Worry So Much”.  ESOMAR Congress, Istanbul, September 2013.
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“An Ecclesiastical Perspective on Big Data”. MRIA Annual Meeting, Niagara Falls, June 2013.
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“Where Has All The Science Gone?”. ESOMAR Congress, Montreal, September 2008.
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“The Future of Category Management”. ESOMAR Retail, Valencia, January 2007.
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“When Good Researchers Go Bad – Cautionary Tales From the Front Lines”. ESOMAR Consumer Insights Barcelona 2006. Also, chapter in Market Research Best Practices: 30 Visions for the Future. ESOMAR, 2007.
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“Throwing Out the Baby With the Bathwater”.  Research World, June 2007.
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“Can you reduce product assortment? Of course you can!“. ESOMAR Retail Conference, Budapest, 2005. Also published in Excellence 2006 by ESOMAR.
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With Bill Bean: “Advances in Category Management Research: A User’s Perspective”. ESOMAR Congress, Barcelona, 2002.
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With Bernhard Treiber: “New Ways to Explore Consumer Point-of-Purchase Dynamics: Combining Virtual Reality and Choice Modeling in Consumer Purchase Analyses”. ESOMAR Congress, Vienna, 2000.
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“The Sale’s The Thing”. Marketing News. 20 November 2000. View or download by clicking here

Understanding Consumer Response to Category Management Through Virtual Reality”. Journal of Advertising Research, July/August 1998, Vol 38, pp.61-67.
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White Papers

We’ve also written a number of white papers regarding the use of virtual reality:

“Online Validation of Virtual Reality” is our summary of validation research on the use of the 4D Shopper system.
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A Research Perspective on Portfolio Management” discusses ways of thinking about brand assortment and how to research solutions with virtual reality.
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Pricing Research Using Virtual Reality” looks at how we often conduct pricing research and ways to better answer pricing questions with virtual reality.
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PIG IS A GOOD NAME – The Pain is Good concept argues that resources should not be allocated to fixing consumer “pain” issues in their experience as long as their is a happy ending. We discuss this bastardization of psychological principles and why it doesn’t fly.

I Have A Dream CatMan 2.0 has been introduced and we’re not sure it fixes the problems inherent in category management.

This Is A Test Sometimes we just don’t know if something will really work unless we test it.

I Went Fishing and All I Caught Was a Red Herring?” The latest GRIT report goes to great lengths to herald the need for innovation – but do we need innovation that doesn’t solve research problems?

It is Alive?” We thought we had killed off Big Data as a problem/issue, but it appears to have resurfaced.

Have we forgotten what research is?” A recent LinkedIn post and CPGMatters article where the obvious need for research is summarily dismissed.

Feelings. Nothing more than feelings.” We critically review an article on using voice-recognition to detect emotions that may be the worst article we’ve seen in ages.

A bad week for neuroscience.” We come to find out that a lot of basic research in neuroscience is wrong due to analysis software glitches. And once again, neuromarketing companies over-promising.

Let me tell you a story.” Is there too much emphasis on storytelling in marketing research?

Science is dead. Long live marketing research.” A ridiculously bad study comparing mobile v. online survey research.

Much ado about nothing again” Is mobile phone usage in stores over-hyped? Why yes, yes it is.

” Why Johnny can’t forecast.”  A discussion of why new product forecasting techniques are not nearly as good as we’d like.

“But it really has to want to get changed.” Where we suggest that marketing research should be focused much more on changing shopper/consumer behavior.

“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” An approach to marketing research that advocates starting with a theory of how your brand works.

How good is your category management?”  Are your category management initiatives doing what you want them to do? Often not.

“Meet the new consumer?”  Do we need a separate approach to marketing research when shoppers are and are not using their mobile devices?

“Scurrilous scalawags and other alliterative miscreants.” Not all associations, institutes, and organizations are giving you unbiased advice.

“Confessions of a Big Data blasphemer: What if Big Data doesn’t work?” Questioning how important Big Data is to marketing as currently conceived.

“Is eye-tracking making us blind and other research maladies.” Are we being swayed too easily by shiny new technologies?